11 Ways to Improve Your Video Call Experience

Many organizations adopted frequent video meetings as a way to maintain some semblance of productivity and continuity in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. And, now that regular Zoom meetings and other conference calls are here to stay, Stephanie Overby notes that it may be time to improve your video call experience and sharpen your remote work image. 

In a recent article at the Enterprisers Project, Overby offers 11 tips to help you feel more confident and professional in your remote setting. 

Many techniques can be gained from watching professional broadcasters and news anchors, Overby says. She quotes Karin Reed, former broadcast journalist, who says looking and sounding your best online is “not a matter of vanity – it's a matter of showing respect for your conversation partner(s). You want to make it easy for them to receive your message. If you have crackly audio or you are sitting in shadow, you will not be able to effectively communicate."

Useful tips include:

  • Consider your lighting to ensure that your facial expressions are easy to view.
  • Adjust your framing so that your head and shoulders fill most of the screen. Again, think news anchor.
  • Check your audio. Headsets, earphones, or headphones may improve sound quality and block out background noise.
  • Understand the tools. Familiarize yourself with the meeting application’s functionality. Know how to set time limits, for example, or share your screen with ease.
  • Perform a spot check. Once you've adjusted yourself and your environment, take a selfie and check for anything distracting within the frame.
  • Be an active facilitator. Use participants’ names to help avoid confusion, refer to the agenda to keep the meeting on track, and actively facilitate engagement. 

Read the complete article at the Enterprisers Project.

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