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The FOSSlife website is dedicated to the world of free and open source software, focusing on careers, skills, and resources to help you build your future with FOSS.

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FOSSlife is open to everyone interested in learning about skills, projects, and industry trends that define the open source experience. We provide curated news and information, useful insight, and practical resources for those who want to build or advance their career with open source.

FOSSlife recently offered a proposal for the creation of a vendor-neutral, community-supported Free and Open Source content platform, but we need funding to move forward. We hope to expand the editorial focus of FOSSlife to include more community-driven articles that will help inform and educate readers, and we’re currently seeking sponsorship to fund these efforts. 

As of December 31, 2023, we are pausing publication of content on FOSSlife while we evaluate financial options that will allow us to continue.

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