4 Ways to Help Secure Schools Against Cyberattacks

The education sector ranks in the top 10 for industries targeted by cyberattacks, which typically take the form of data breach, ransomware, or denial of service, says Apu Pavithran.

Although schools and universities cannot prevent every attack, the following actions listed by Pavithran can help secure their networks.

  • Protect endpoints. Equip all devices on their networks with restrictions and security configurations while enabling firewalls and antivirus software. Admins can also use VPNs for additional security.
  • Enforce data security. Strong password use should be taught to students as a basic life skill. Schools should audit and classify their data, encrypt sensitive data, and separate personal data from the data used for learning purposes.
  • Manage access controls. Adopt multi-factor authentication protocols and use single-sign-on technology to streamline the authentication process.
  • Secure apps and resources. Limit the apps and resources installed on devices through use of a central app repository that contains only school-approved apps.

Read more at the RSA Conference Library.

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