The APGL and Open Source License Compliance

Open source licensing expert and IP attorney Heather Meeker recently discussed various topics relating to the APGL in a FOSSA-hosted webinar titled “Truth Social, AGPL, and OSS License Compliance.” 

In the Q&A with FOSSA’s Andy Drukarev, Meeker examines how the AGPL compares to the GPL and LGPL, explains the ongoing controversy surrounding Truth Social’s use of Mastodon software, and explores Google’s strict prohibition of AGPL-licensed code.

Regarding Google’s “No AGPL” rule, Meeker says, “I think that it’s a good baseline rule for most companies because they may lack the expertise to figure out a more nuanced answer.” The  APGL is not a widely used license, she notes; however, “when a question comes up because someone wants to use some AGPL-licensed code, then you have to get smarter about how you’re going to answer the question.”

Read a summary of the webinar at FOSSA or watch the complete webinar online.