AWS Introduces OpenSearch

Earlier this year, when Elastic changed the licensing model of Elasticsearch and Kibana from open source Apache v2 license to the Server Side Public License (SSPL), AWS stepped up to ensure the packages remained available and well supported.

Now, AWS has introduced the OpenSearch project, a community-driven, open source fork of Elasticsearch and Kibana. “We are making a long-term investment in OpenSearch to ensure users continue to have a secure, high-quality, fully open source search and analytics suite with a rich roadmap of new and innovative functionality,” the announcement states.

The newly available OpenSearch repos are considered to be at the alpha stage, according to the announcement. They are “not complete, not thoroughly tested, and not suitable for production use. We are planning to release a beta in the next few weeks, and expect it to stabilize and be ready for production by early summer (mid-2021).” 

However, the code base is ready for testing, feedback, and participation. To get started, check out the OpenSearch project on GitHub as well as the community site.