CNCF Group Announces OpenGitOps 1.0 Standards

The Application Delivery Technical Advisory Group of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently announced version 1.0 of the OpenGitOps specification

The group has worked to define the core principles of GitOps, with the goal of formalizing the ideas that have developed around GitOps into “a single cohesive set of principles that would be easily digestible and repeatable by any organization.”

GitOps must meet the following four requirements, according to the announcement:

  • Declarative: A system managed by GitOps must have its desired state expressed declaratively.
  • Versioned and Immutable: Desired state is stored in a way that enforces immutability, versioning and retains a complete version history.
  • Pulled Automatically: Software agents automatically pull the desired state declarations from the source.
  • Continuously Reconciled: Software agents continuously observe actual system state and attempt to apply the desired state.

Read more at OpenGitOps.