CNCF Survey Shows Continued Increase in Container Use

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) published the results of its 2020 Cloud Native Survey. Of the 1,324 respondents, 54 percent are part of the CNCF End User Community. According to the survey:

  • 92 percent of respondents say they are running containers in production environments (up from 84% in 2019).
  • 83 percent are also using Kubernetes in production (up from 78%). 

The use of cloud native tools in production is on the rise, as follows: 

  • 82 percent of respondents use CI/CD pipelines in production. 
  • 30 percent use serverless technologies. 
  • 27 percent use a service mesh (a 50% increase from last year). 
  • 55 percent use stateful applications in containers.

And, release cycles are speeding up, with: 

  • 29 percent of respondents releasing software daily or multiple times a day.
  • 55 percent releasing at least weekly.