Collaboration and Cost Savings Drive Open Source Adoption in the UK

In the second phase of research into open source adoption, the non-profit Open UK has found that “97 percent of businesses of different sizes in all sectors of the UK economy use open source software technology.”

According to the survey, the most common types of open source software used in the UK are:

  • Languages (86%)
  • Software tools (84%)
  • GitHub or other public repositories (83%)
  • Operating systems (80%)
  • Databases (78%)

The rise of cloud infrastructure services has also enabled open source adoption, the survey says. “In the UK, AWS is used by 65% of respondents, Google by 47%, and Microsoft Azure by 45%.” 

The various benefits that businesses cited for adopting open source include:

  • Cost savings (75%)
  • Collaborative nature of open source software development (72%) 
  • Skills development (64%)
  • Better quality of code (61%)
  • Community building (53%)
  • Security (52%) 

“The response rate on collaboration as a benefit shows how crucial collaboration is in open source software,” the survey states.  

"Open source software in the UK is about focusing locally to enhance our skills and businesses in the UK whilst collaborating globally to create diverse and sustainable code." Amanda Brock, CEO, OpenUK.