eBPF Foundation Launched

The Linux Foundation has announced creation of the eBPF Foundation, with founding members including Facebook, Google, Isovalent, Microsoft, and Netflix. 

According to the announcement, eBPF technology “changes the way operating systems and infrastructure services are designed. It bridges the boundary between kernel and user space.”  In this way, “eBPF allows developers to safely and efficiently embed programs in any piece of software, including the operating system kernel.” 

Additionally, it represents “a significant leap forward in open source technology for networking, security, application profiling/tracing and system observability use cases.” The new eBPF Foundation will be a home for open source eBPF projects and will nurture the community with the aim of growing the eBPF ecosystem.

For more information, see the eBPF website and check out the free and virtual eBPF Summit, coming up August 18-19, 2021.