Frontier Supercomputer Still No. 1 on TOP500

The Frontier system at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is still the top-performing supercomputer in the world, says the 60th edition of the TOP500 list, announced this week at the SC22 supercomputing conference in Dallas. 

With an HPL benchmark score of 1.102 EFlop/s, Frontier did not improve upon its score from the June 2022 list; however, “Frontier is the clear winner of the race to exascale, and it will require a lot of work and innovation to knock it from the top spot,” the report says.

“This HPE Cray EX system is the first US system with a performance exceeding one EFlop/s. It is installed at the ORNL in Tennessee, USA, where it is operated for the Department of Energy (DOE). It currently has achieved 1.102 EFlop/s using 8,730,112 cores.” 

Other top performers include:

  • The Fugaku system, which is installed at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Kobe, Japan. With an HPL score of 0.442 EFlop/s, this system holds the #2 spot.
  • The LUMI system has retained its #3 spot with help of a major upgrade. The HPE Cray EX system, installed at EuroHPC center at CSC in Finland, achieved an HPL score of 0.309 EFlop/s. 
  • The new Leonardo system installed at EuroHPC/CINECA in Bologna, Italy comes in at #4, scoring 0.174 EFlop/s with 1,463,616 cores. 
  • Summit, an IBM-built system also installed at ORNL, is #5 on the list with a score of 148.8 Pflop/s on the HPL benchmark.

See the TOP500 for complete results.

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