GitLab Expands Applied Machine Learning for DevOps

GitLab Inc. has acquired UnReview, a machine learning (ML) solution that can automatically identify appropriate code reviewers, as a step toward expanding its open DevOps platform with ML capabilities.

According to the announcement, this move is expected to improve users' ability “to perform impactful code reviews by using ML to recommend code reviewers based on their previous contributions to areas of code as well as current reviewer workload.”

UnReview’s approach involves the following steps:

  1. Collecting data from your repositories
  2. Cleaning the obtained dataset
  3. Training the model
  4. Providing recommendations
  5. Visualizing results

GitLab plans to integrate UnReview technology into its code review process by the end of the year. "By continuing to incorporate machine learning into GitLab's open DevOps platform, we are improving the user experience by automating workflows and compressing cycle times across all stages of the DevSecOps lifecycle. We're also building new MLOps features to empower data scientists," said Eric Johnson, CTO of GitLab.