Google Announces Open Usage Commons

Google has launched Open Usage Commons, an independent organization “focused on extending the philosophy and definition of open source to project trademarks.”

According to Google’s announcement from Chris DiBona, the mission of Open Usage Commons is “to help open source projects assert and manage their project identity through programs specific to trademark management and conformance testing.” 

“One of the places we’ve historically seen projects stumble is in managing their trademarks—their project’s name and logo,” DiBona said.

Additionally, the Open Usage Commons announcement states that Angular, Gerrit, and Istio will be joining the organization to give their trademarks “a neutral, independent home that manages trademarks in line with the Open Source Definition.” Open Usage Commons will provide member projects with support regarding trademark protection and management, usage guidelines, and conformance testing, as well as educating the community regarding trademarks.

Read more on the Google blog and Open Usage Commons.