Google Interns Focus on Open Source

As the COVID-19 pandemic stretches on, social distancing remains imperative, which means companies must continue to adapt to new ways of working. For Google’s annual summer internship program, that means going virtual. 

In a recent blog post, Eric Brewer, Google Fellow, VP Infrastructure, Google Cloud, said, “Although many aspects of the program remain the same with interns working from home, we had to make some adjustments. Interns won’t have the benefit of working next to experienced Googlers in a traditional office environment, which in turn impacts the kinds of projects they can work on.” As a solution, Google turned to open source.

“Open source has always been about finding ways for people to build better things by working together, regardless of location. So it became a perfect fit for many of our remote, globally dispersed interns.” Brewer said. 

The interns will work on projects including TensorFlow, Kubernetes, Istio, Chromium, Apache Beam, and OSS-Fuzz, as well as projects that support COVID-19 response efforts. “The resources invested to support these interns and the contributions they make demonstrates the strength of our commitment to the open source community. Today, we have more than 1,000 technical interns actively contributing to open source projects,” Brewer stated.