How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Teams Handle Difficult Times

If the pandemic is taking a toll on your team, a recent article by Stephanie Overby on the Enterprisers Project explores how developing and applying emotional intelligence can help you effectively deal with difficult situations.

“One of the most obvious challenges for IT leaders and managers right now relates to the constraints of leading teams virtually," Overby says, which makes typically straightforward tasks like onboarding new employees or delivering feedback more difficult. Other challenges that can arise from the daily stressors placed on teams, include:

  • Emotional reactivity
  • Performance problems
  • Groundhog Day syndrome

To overcome the challenges of remote working, Overby says, “emotionally intelligent leaders dial up their awareness of others when communicating virtually to make team calls and conversations as productive as possible.” 

Managing uncertainty presents an additional challenge, and one approach is to involve others as much as possible, says Jill Pennington, consulting director for PSI Talent Management. “Pull groups of people together to pool ideas and discuss options. Keep things as rational as possible so you are not making decisions too quickly or when emotions are high,” she adds.

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