Industry-Specific Tech Hiring Trends

Dice has released five industry-specific tech job reports aimed at helping job seekers and recruiters understand industry hiring trends. 

Here’s a brief look at which skills are in demand in the five industries surveyed:

  • Aerospace and Defense: Highly valued skills in this space include systems engineering, C++, electrical engineering, and software engineering, Dice says.
  • Consulting: Demand for tech pros in environmental consulting services is high, according to this report, and companies will likely also seek expertise relating to emerging technologies like generative AI.
  • Education: Demand remains steady for skills around IT systems, system administration, network engineering, project management, technical support, and workflow management.
  • Finance and Banking: With the industry’s focus on data privacy and fraud protection, security skills are key. Additionally, Dice notes, “tech professionals who are skilled in popular programming languages instrumental for data analysis and cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure will continue to hold major value for finance and banking companies.” 
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing companies increasingly look to tech talent to “up-level their core processes with software and automation.”

Read more about industry hiring trends at Dice.

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