Intel Core vPro Chips Provide Built-in Security Protection

Intel’s latest 11th generation Core vPro processors deliver protection against ransomware and security threats at the hardware level.

The new Core vPro platform comes equipped with Intel Hardware Shield and Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) “to deliver built-in below the OS, application and virtualization security, as well as advanced threat detection capabilities,” according to the product brief

Intel TDT uses CPU telemetry and machine learning heuristics to detect attack behavior, and Intel Hardware Shield helps “minimize the risk of malicious code injection by locking down memory in the BIOS when software is running to help prevent planted malware from compromising the operating system.”

This technology “makes it possible to detect unauthorized modifications to the hardware. By putting security protections right into the silicon, the chip can protect the device from firmware attacks even if the operating system or security software is compromised,” reports Fahmida Rashid at Decipher.