Linux Foundation Hosts FinOps and Offers Free Related Training Course

At this week’s virtual Open Source Summit, The Linux Foundation announced that it will host the FinOps Foundation, which aims to bring financial accountability to the area of cloud computing through collaborative management, best practices, education, and standards.

According to the announcement, “the FinOps community is defining cloud financial management standards and is increasing access to education and certification for this discipline across industries.” In addition to hosting FinOps, The Linux Foundation is also offering a free edX course – called Introduction to FinOps – to help educate professionals in this area. The course will “cover the basics of FinOps and how it can positively impact an organization by building a culture of accountability around cloud use,” the announcement states.

“Technology and business leaders are seeking support for understanding how to manage cloud technologies and spending across their enterprises and the FinOps Foundation brings to bear the resources required to enable them to innovate inside their companies,” said J.R. Storment, executive director of the FinOps Foundation and co-author of the Cloud FinOps book.