Linux Foundation Launches Open Source Management Training Series

A new seven-part Open Source Management & Strategy training series is available from the Linux Foundation. 

The training courses are aimed at helping executives, managers, and software developers “understand and articulate the basic concepts for building effective open source practices within their organization. It is also helpful for a leadership audience responsible for setting up effective program management of open source in their organization,” the website states.

The self-paced $499 course series is designed to help newcomers get up and running with open source principles and practices.

The seven modules cover:

  • Basic components of open source
  • Open source business models and practical strategies and policies
  • How to build an effective open source program office
  • The role of continuous integration and testing in a healthy open source project 
  • The importance of effective open source license compliance
  • How to work most effectively with upstream open source projects
  • The rationale and value for creating new open source projects