Linux Foundation Launches Project to Develop Treatment for Rare Genetic Diseases

The Linux Foundation and The OpenTreatments Foundation have announced the RareCamp software project, which will provide the source code and open governance to facilitate collaboration as well as the creation of software tools to aid in the development of treatments for rare genetic diseases.

According to the announcement, OpenTreatments and RareCamp creator Sanath Kumar Ramesh initially began the project to address his son's rare disease and is making the work openly accessible in order to streamline therapy development for all monogenic rare diseases.

The project uses the open source JavaScript framework NextJS for the frontend and the AWS serverless stack—including AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, and Amazon DynamoDB— to power the backend, the announcement states. Additionally, the project, which is licensed under Apache 2.0, uses the open source Serverless Framework to develop and deploy the software. 

"OpenTreatments Foundation and RareCamp really represent exactly why open source and collaboration are so powerful—because they allow all of us to do more together than any one of us," said Mike Dolan, executive vice president and GM of Projects at the Linux Foundation.