Linux Kernel 5.10 Released

Linus Torvalds released version 5.10 of the Linux kernel, saying “it's mostly drivers—as it should be—with a smattering of fixes all over: networking, architectures, filesystems, tooling.”

The release of 5.10 means the merge window for 5.11 is open, and, Torvalds said, “the most notable thing about the 5.11 merge window will be obvious to anybody who takes a look at the calendar: realistically speaking, we only have one week before the holidays are upon us, and everybody is much too distracted.” 

Thus, Torvalds warned he would be particularly strict about enforcing "the merge window is for things that are ready *before* the merge window starts” rule. Because of the timing, he said, he would “simply not be very interested in any new late pull requests that come in the second week of the merge window.”

Linux 5.10 is a long-term support (LTS) kernel, meaning it will be supported for at least two years.