Linux Kernel 5.7 Released

According to the usual Sunday night schedule, Linus Torvalds released Linux kernel 5.7 on May 31. His note on the Linux kernel mailing list was typically terse, saying “it all looks

Torvalds also noted that the almost 14,000 non-merge commits from nearly 2,000 developers seemed normal. “We’ve got a lot of changes in 5.7 as usual – all the stats look normal – but “normal” for us obviously pretty big,” he said. 

Kernelnewbies reports that this kernel release adds “support for the notion of Thermal Pressure, which lets the task scheduler to take better scheduling decisions in the face of CPU frequency changes.” It also includes improved exFAT file system implementation, support for an x86 feature to detect atomic operations spanning cache lines, and a BPF-based Linux Security Module to facilitate more dynamic security auditing, among other changes.