Linux Kernel 5.8 Released

Linus Torvalds has released the latest Linux kernel, saying he “considered making an rc8 all the way to the last minute, but decided it's not just worth waiting another week when there aren't any big looming worries” or “anything scary going on in the release candidates.”

As usual, a comprehensive list of changes, including the following, can be found at KernelNewbies:

  • Better behavior in memory thrashing situations.
  • Kernel concurrency sanitizer.
  • An event notification mechanism built on top of standard pipes, which splices notification messages from the kernel into pipes opened by userspace. 
  • Generic support for Clang's Shadow Call Stack on ARM64, which uses a shadow stack to protect function return control flow from buffer overruns on the main stack.
  • Support for inline encryption hardware.

“So,” as Torvalds said, “there it is, a shiny new kernel. Give it a whirl…”