Linux Magazine Celebrates 20 Years

With Issue 240, Linux Magazine is celebrating its 20th year of print publication. Given the transformations that have taken place in Linux, open source, and in publishing during the past 20 years, this is a remarkable achievement.  

Reflecting on these changes, Linux Magazine editor-in-chief Joe Casad said, “I’m struck by how much Linux has changed since I started this job—and how much the publishing industry has itself remained in a perpetual state of reinvention. It is one thing when the subject of the magazine is continually transforming—and quite another when the very context in which you operate is a moving target.”

The magazine, which is published by Linux New Media and based out of Lawrence, Kansas, is aimed at Linux and open source software developers, users, and administrators. It emphasizes real-life, practical techniques and offers a monthly mix of technical articles from contributors including Erik Bärwaldt, Chris Binnie, Zack Brown, Jon “maddog” Hall, Jack Wallen, and many others.
Linux Magazine has weathered the various industry shifts with consistency of vision and a small, dedicated workforce. Casad credits the internationally distributed team of professionals, “who stay calm under pressure and show up every day with ideas and good energy,” with much of the magazine’s long-running success.