Meta to Remove Detailed Ad-Targeting Options on Facebook, Instagram

Meta has announced that, starting January 19, 2022, they will remove some Detailed Targeting options that allow advertisers to target Facebook and Instagram users based on their health, race or ethnicity, religious practices, political affiliation, or sexual orientation. 

In a recent blog on the Meta site, Graham Mudd, VP Product Marketing, Ads, outlined the reasons for this change, saying “we want to better match people’s evolving expectations of how advertisers may reach them on our platform and address feedback from civil rights experts, policymakers and other stakeholders on the importance of preventing advertisers from abusing the targeting options we make available.”

Mudd states that this “difficult decision” balances considerations such as the ability to offer personalized advertising experiences and prevention of abuse.

Additionally, he says, the company is “working to expand the control that allows people to choose to see fewer ads about certain types of content.”