New Open Source Project Provides Early Warning for Earthquakes

Grillo, IBM, and The Linux Foundation have announced the launch of an open source earthquake early warning (OpenEEW) project, with “integrated capabilities to sense, detect, and analyze earthquakes as well as alert communities.” 

The OpenEEW initiative will share data, sensor technology, and detection algorithms through The Linux Foundation’s Code and Response framework. According to the OpenEEW website, this will “enable others around the world to start building their own EEW systems based on our approach, it will also, we hope, lead to the creation of a global community collaborating to develop ever-better EEW systems, always with the end goal of providing life-saving alerts and increasing resilience against earthquakes.”

Sensors are currently deployed in Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, and the entire archive of unprocessed accelerometer data is available as a dataset with AWS OpenData. You can find the code on the OpenEEW repository on GitHub