New Organization for Ethical Source Established

The creators of the Hippocratic License and the Contributor Covenant have announced a new nonprofit called the Organization for Ethical Source (OES).

The goals of the organization, according to the website, are:

  • Creating ways to empower developers, giving us the freedom and agency to ensure that our work is being used for social good and in service of human rights.
  • Building tools to enforce fair, ethical, and community-minded terms for those who benefit from or are affected by our work.
  • Uniting in the conviction that software freedom must always be in service of human freedom.

In the announcement, the organization states that “the world has changed since the Open Source Definition was created—open source has become ubiquitous, and is now being leveraged by bad actors for mass surveillance, racist policing, and other human rights abuses all over the world.”

The OES believes that “the open source community must evolve to address the magnitude and complexity of today’s social, political and technological challenges.”