Open Source Cloud Skills Set Developers Apart

Results from a recent survey, commissioned by IBM and conducted by O’Reilly Media, suggest that developers can benefit more from building skills around open source cloud technologies rather than focusing on skills related to a proprietary solution. 

“Over the long term, a knowledge of the most fundamental open source projects will provide major benefits in job growth and other professional activities,” the survey report says.

According to an IBM Developer blog post highlighting the survey results:

  • 94% of respondents rated open source software as equal to or better than proprietary software.
  • 70% of respondents prefer a cloud provider based on open source.
  • 65% prefer skills related to the underlying open source technologies (e.g., Linux, Kubernetes, or Istio).
  • 65% agree completely that contributions to open source projects impress potential employers and result in better professional opportunities.

These findings indicate that “developing skills in open source software that supports cloud technologies will do the most to advance your career,” the post says.