Open Source Projects Accelerate Growth of Edge Ecosystem

The recently released State of the Edge 2021 Report provides insight into how the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the edge ecosystem in 2020, examines emerging infrastructure, and explains how open source has accelerated adoption of edge applications.

"In our individual lock-down environments, each of us is an edge node of the Internet and all our computing is, mostly, edge computing," said Wenjing Chu, senior director of Open Source and Research at Futurewei Technologies, Inc. and LF Edge Governing Board member. "The edge is the center of everything."

As an extension of cloud computing, the report states, “the edge cloud construct is increasingly viewed as a key enabler for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which widespread deployment of the Internet of Things (IoT),” unprecedented technological breakthroughs, and digital transformation are occurring at an exponential pace.

Additionally, according to the report, “open source projects are enabling organizations to accelerate the adoption and deployment of edge applications.” Such projects help facilitate standardization across the industry, which also increases the pace of innovation.