OSI Seeks to Define Open Source AI

The time has come for a clear definition of “Open Source AI,” says the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Toward that end, the organization has undertaken a “multi-stakeholder process to define machine learning systems that can be characterized as Open Source.” 

In a recent meeting, representatives from OSI, Mozilla Foundation, Creative Commons, Internet Archive, Linux Foundation Europe, and others, weighed in: 

“Part of this work involves reflecting on the past 20-to-30 years of learning about what has gone well and what hasn’t in terms of the open community and the progress it has made,” one participant said, adding that “It’s important to understand that openness does not automatically mean ethical, right or just.” Other factors such as privacy concerns and safety when developing open systems come into play — there’s an ongoing tension between something being open and being safe, or potentially harmful.” 

Meeting participants also “generally agreed that the Definition of Open Source, drafted 25 years ago and maintained by the OSI, does not cover this new era," the recap says.

OSI invites participation, opinions, and comments to further this collaborative process. You can see the timeline of events, check out the call for proposals, and learn more at the OSI website.

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