Porsche FOSS Movement Outlines Open Source Strategy

Porsche is expanding its open source initiative and has published the Porsche FOSS Movement guide outlining the company’s goals relating to free and open source software.

“With the Porsche FOSS Movement, we are continuing our open source journey and creating a common understanding of values, principles and goals — in all teams, all subsidiaries and across all national borders,” the guide states.
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Key open source principles outlined in the guide include:

  • Move from commercial software to free open source software, wherever possible
  • Move from consume to contribute and create in open source communities
  • Move from know-it-all to learn-it-all
  • Move towards digital transformation with open source striving for speed of innovation and shorter time to market
  • Move towards a compliant environment for FOSS activities and contributions

“We strive to shift from commercial software to open source software wherever possible and useful. This gives us greater flexibility, reduces dependencies and allows us to benefit from the open source community,” says Nikita Peters, Director of Porsche Open Source Office. 

According to this TODO Group case study, Porsche uses open source software primarily for embedded systems, such as electronic control units, and for consumer-facing mobile/web applications. Porsche is also involved with upstream projects including the Android Open Source Project and the OSS Review Toolkit.

Learn more at the Porsche FOSS Movement.

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