Programming Language Rankings from RedMonk

RedMonk’s quarterly ranking of popular programming languages shows JavaScript still at the top of the list. Specifically, the top 10 languages shown are:

1. JavaScript
2. Python
3. Java
4. PHP
5. C#
5. C++
5. CSS
8. TypeScript
9. Ruby
10. C

In the blog post detailing the latest results, Stephen O’Grady clarifies the three-way tie in fifth place, noting that the languages tied at that spot are listed alphabetically. And, he says, JavaScript’s continued robust showing is also worth noting. “In spite of all of the competition from up and coming languages, all the discussion of fragmentation, and even criticisms of JavaScript the language itself, it remains remarkably popular.”

O’Grady also explains RedMonk’s language-ranking process, which involves extracting information from both GitHub and Stack Overflow to create a ranking that attempts to reflect both code and discussion traction. 

“The idea is not to offer a statistically valid representation of current usage, but rather to correlate language discussion and usage in an effort to extract insights into potential future adoption trends,” he says.  

See the complete list along with additional analysis at RedMonk.