Red Hat OpenShift 4.5 Features New Virtualization and Edge Capabilities

Red Hat has announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift 4.5

This release includes the new OpenShift Virtualization feature, which lets organizations “bring standard VM-based workloads to Kubernetes, helping eliminate the workflow and development silos that typically exist between traditional and cloud-native application stacks.” It also provides full-stack, “push-button” automation for VMware vSphere deployments.

Red Hat announced additional new features to meet the needs of enterprise edge workloads, aiming to bring full Kubernetes functionality to the edge and “seamless management of edge sites across the hybrid cloud” through its new Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.

The new capabilities intended for edge use cases include: three-node cluster support within Red Hat OpenShift 4.5 and management of thousands of edge sites through Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes.

As Chris Wright, senior VP and CTO of Red Hat, said, “This future at the edge is powered by data, 5G, Linux containers and Kubernetes.”