Rust Language 2020 Survey Results

In the results of their 2020 Rust language survey, the Rust team said that a record 83 percent of respondents used Rust, while 7 percent said they had used Rust in the past but no longer did so. 

When asked why they had stopped using Rust: 

  • 35 percent of respondents said they just hadn’t learned it yet. 
  • 34 percent said their company was not using Rust. 
  • 19 percent said switching to Rust would “slow them down” compared to their current language of choice.

When asked how to improve adoption of Rust, 15 percent of respondents said they would use Rust more if it were “less intimidating, easier to learn, or less complicated.” 

According to respondents, the most difficult aspect to learn is lifetime management with 61 percent stating that using lifetimes is either tricky or very difficult.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rust lifetimes, Ryan Levick’s recent YouTube video provides a practical example that walks through their use, and Levick’s videos in general are a great starting place for learning about Rust.