Security a Key Benefit of Open Source Enterprise Software

Security and quality are among the top benefits of open source enterprise software, according to Red Hat’s 2022 State of Enterprise Open Source report, with nearly 90 percent of respondents viewing open source as more secure or just as secure as proprietary software.

Overall, respondents cited the following benefits of using enterprise open source:

  • Higher quality software (32%)
  • Ability to safely leverage open source tech (28%)
  • Designed to work in cloud, cloud-native tech (26%)
  • Better security (22%)

Respondents also listed specific security-related benefits, such as:

  • Well-tested open source code for in-house applications (55%)
  • Well-documented security patches (52%)
  • Vulnerability patches available quickly (51%)

Other advantages of using enterprise open source include:

  • Provides flexibility to customize solutions (79%)
  • Ensures access to the latest innovations (77%)
  • Simplifies adoption of a hybrid cloud infrastructure (76%)
  • A key part of security strategy (75%)

The top uses for enterprise open source, according to the report, include:

  • IT infrastructure modernization (62%)
  • Digital transformation (54%)
  • Application development (52%)
  • Application modernization (48%)

As Paul Cormier, President and CEO of Red Hat states, “ computing and always-on services built using the open source development model and open source code are increasingly crucial to nearly every organization regardless of industry.”