Security Seen As Top Benefit of Enterprise Open Source Software

The latest State of Enterprise Open Source report from Red Hat indicates that “IT leaders widely view enterprise open source software as a superior form of software with higher quality, more innovation, and even better security than the alternatives,” says Gordon Haff.

In a recent Red Hat blog summarizing the report’s finding, Haff notes that respondents cite higher quality and security among the top benefits of enterprise open source software. In fact, 87% of respondents see enterprise open source as “more secure” or “as secure” as proprietary software.

According to the report, the top three ways in which enterprise open source is used are: 

The top three areas where enterprise open source is used are:

  • 54% — Networking 
  • 53% — Database 
  • 52% — Security 

To gather information for the report, 1,250 IT leaders were interviewed worldwide.