Will 2021 Be the Year of GitOps?

The emerging DevOps model known as GitOps continues to gain momentum, with 2021 expected to be a breakout year, says Sean Michael Kerner in an article at ITProToday.

“At its most basic level, GitOps is a development approach that uses a code version control system, often Git, as the basis for defining and controlling a DevOps workflow and synchronization across systems,” Kerner writes.

However, it's not the use of Git alone that enables GitOps, says Cornelia Davis, CTO of Weaveworks and member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Technical Oversight Committee, in the article. According to Davis, GitOps is about bringing a cloud-native approach to DevOps. “Being cloud-native is about constantly adapting to changes that are happening around an application or development process,” Davis says.

“A formal definition for the GitOps model is in the works, which is one of the reasons why 2021 will be a breakout year for GitOps,” says Kerner. “The definition as well as direction on best practices are being developed by the GitOps Working Group within the CNCF Special Interest Group (SIG) for App Delivery.” 

“It's still relatively early days for GitOps,” he notes, “but the movement will mature significantly in 2021.”

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