5 Non-Technical Jobs in Tech

You do not have to be technical to work in tech. Tech companies need to fill all sorts of positions, including traditionally non-technical roles. And, because the tech industry is higher paying compared with many other industries, a job in tech may be well worth looking into.

As tech companies grow and mature, says Glassdoor, “they begin to require a variety of more traditional non-tech roles to help transform their technology into revenue.” Roles in sales and marketing, for example, “can help scale a company in any industry, creating the opportunity for a variety of positions to work at these coveted tech employers.”

Here are five non-technical roles to consider:

Community Manager
Community managers come from a variety of backgrounds, says Corinne McGinley — anything from recruiting to journalism to engineering — because being successful in the role relies more on a set of skills than a degree. 

The role may involve “moderating, engaging, and supporting users in forums including Discourse, GitHub, and Reddit,” organizing meetups and events, building community programs, and recognizing contributors, says Jason Blais. “This is the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly, the one who helps the community and all its members grow. Every thriving community needs one,” Blais says.

Graphic Designer 
There are many creative roles within tech, including graphic or visual design, in which 
designers combine “their artistic perspective with tech to develop concepts for everything ranging from logos and product designs to brochures, advertisements, and even websites,” according to SkillCrush. User interface (or UI) design, for example, involves creating interfaces for websites or mobile apps, with a focus on aesthetics. Such design roles in tech are often filled on a freelance basis.

Marketing Manager
Marketing managers develop and manage marketing campaigns to build awareness and generate demand for products and services. Marketing roles are often quite flexible in tech, according to GirlsinTech, and a combination of skills is required. Responsibilities may include development of marketing materials, budgeting, newsletter and communications management, and public relations.

Social Media Specialist
A social media specialist creates content for social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to engage audiences, promote products, and drive traffic to a website. According to Degrees and Careers, this marketing role involves monitoring and measuring all social media efforts, as well as creating and maintaining brand promotions and social media campaigns.

Technical Writer 
A technical writer's job, says Dawn Parzych, “is to transfer factual information between two or more parties. Traditionally, a technical writer provides instructions or documentation on how to use a technology product.”

According to Indeed, a technical writer is responsible for “generating innovative ideas for content while working both independently and collaboratively as part of a team.” They research products, services, technology, or concepts and help explain them to a broader audience.

Other Roles

Many other non-technical jobs exist within tech companies, including roles in customer service, sales, and business operations. Think of it this way, says Candor, “the requirements for most jobs are fluid—even if the job description seems unrealistically specific. … Transferable skills like research, study design, project management, presentation skills, and writing skills are invaluable to the tech industry.”

Also, notes Candor, human skills such as “organization, communication, problem-solving, project management, work ethic, and entrepreneurialism are universally sought, regardless of the industry.”

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