Best of FOSSlife: 2021

2021 has been a year of unprecedented global challenges as well as seemingly lasting change. We experienced major shifts in our approach to work, health, and collaboration and witnessed a deepening climate crisis, the development of life-saving vaccines, and swift scientific and technological advances. 

As we consider this year in review, we also take time to revisit the successes here at FOSSlife. This year, we sharpened our focus of educating and informing those who are new to the world of free and open source software. In the coming year and beyond, we will continue to provide resources, news, tutorials, and tools to help you take practical steps to build or advance your open source career. 

In this article, we feature the five most popular articles published on FOSSlife this year.

Awk: The Power and Promise of a 40-Year-Old Programming Language by Andy Oram
This article explores the history and continuing appeal of the Awk programming language.

Run a Second Linux Desktop with QEMU and KVM by Chris Binnie 
Learn how to use QEMU and KVM to set up a virtual machine for testing.

Make a Countdown and Pomodoro Timer in Python by Eva Su 
This beginning tutorial shows step by step how to create a Pomodoro timer using Python.

6 Steps to Teach Yourself System Administration by the FOSSlife Team 
We provide an array of options to help you plot your own course of study and gain valuable system administration skills.

7 Reasons to Use Git for Your Solo Projects by VM (Vicky) Brasseur 
This article explains how version control can provide greater flexibility and security to your personal open source projects.

We appreciate your continued support of FOSSlife and wish you a safe and successful 2022!

FOSSlife Newsetter