European Job Seekers Prioritize Sustainability

Nearly two-thirds of Europeans (62 percent) say it is important that prospective employers prioritize sustainability, according to the fifth edition of the EIB Climate Survey released by the European Investment Bank.

Among people aged 20 to 29, the percentage is even higher, with 76 percent saying sustainability is an “important factor” in their choice of employer, and 22 percent saying it is a “top priority,” according to the survey report.

Other takeaways include:

  • 84 percent of European Union respondents say that if we do not drastically reduce our consumption of energy and goods in the coming years, we will be heading for a global catastrophe (vs. 88 percent of respondents in China, 83 percent of respondents in the United Kingdom and 72 percent in the United States).
  • 66 percent of all EU respondents are in favor of stricter government measures to impose a change in personal behavior (72 percent of people under age 30).
  • 47 percent of respondents in the EU and 45 percent of those in the UK want their government to prioritize the development of renewable energies (vs. 37 percent in both the US and China).

The EIB survey, conducted in 2022, “aims to inform the broader debate on citizens’ attitudes and expectations in terms of climate action,” the report says.

Read additional report findings at the European Investment Bank.

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