Global Cybersecurity Workforce Gap Continues to Grow

The number of unfilled security jobs around the world increased to 3.4 million during the past year — an increase of 26 percent — according to a new report from  (ISC)². In the United States alone, the number of unfilled jobs rose 9 percent to 410,695.

“We estimate the size of the global cybersecurity workforce at 4.7 million people — the highest we’ve ever recorded. According to our research, however, the cybersecurity field is still critically in need of more professionals,” the (ISC)² Cybersecurity Workforce Study says. 

Globally, the cybersecurity workforce gap looks like this: 

  • APAC — 2,163,468 unfilled jobs (+52.4%)
  • EMEA — 317,050 jobs (+59.3%)
  • Latin America — 515,879 jobs (-26.4%)
  • North America — 436,080 jobs (+8.5%)

In terms of what organizations are doing or planning to do to mitigate staff shortages, responses included:

  • Provide more flexible working conditions (64%)
  • Invest in training (64%)
  • Recruit, hire, and onboard new staff (62%)
  • Invest in certifications (58%)
  • Invest in diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives (57%)

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