Infrastructure Is Not Dead, Just Disappearing from View

Rumors of the death of Samuel Clemens were widely spread in 1897, eventually resulting in the author’s famous statement: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.”

The same can be said about infrastructure, writes Mark Hinkle at The New Stack. “As serverless grows, it’s not that infrastructure is dying; instead, it’s becoming more abstracted and out of sight.”

“In fact, there is more infrastructure in use than ever, but the administration of those servers, routers and storages are being delegated to a smaller group of skilled administrators—helped by improved tools and automation,” says Hinkle, who is co-founder of TriggerMesh and former Executive Director of Node.js Foundation.

Additionally, he says, “as we continue to move toward a services-based IT economy, we trade in self-administered servers for services, and delegate the administration of infrastructure to cloud providers.” 

In the article, Hinkle also examines how DevOps and DevApps contribute to the move to a “more service-oriented or serviceful intranet.” 

“Once organizations tackle the well-accepted practice to automate deployment, the next frontier is to create applications that are composable via automated means. What we’re talking about here is layering integration-as-code on top of infrastructure-as-code,” he says.

Read the complete article at The New Stack.