9 Open Source Tech Careers to Consider

As we close out this challenging year, we look back at the most popular FOSSlife articles of 2021 and look ahead to the opportunities that 2022 may hold. 

In the coming year, we will continue to provide news and features to keep you informed of the latest open source trends and technologies and continue to build a collection of resources to help you understand the array of opportunities that open source has to offer.

Toward that end, we’ve rounded up nine articles that define and describe various open source career paths. 

  • What Is a System Administrator? — In this article, we look at the general responsibilities, expected skills, and daily duties of a system administrator.
  • What Is a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)? — We outline the required skills and overall job expectations to help you understand this relatively new career path.
  • What Is a Data Scientist? — The role of a data scientist encompasses a wide range of skills and responsibilities. We provide a brief overview of this rapidly growing and increasingly important career path.  
  • What Is a Developer Advocate? — Developer advocacy can take many forms and go by many names. In this article, we look at what it means to be a developer advocate and provide resources related to this strategic role.
  • What Is a Software Developer? — The demand for skilled software developers is continually increasing, and we look at the various job duties and skill requirements associated with this role.
  • What Is a Software Engineer? — We examine the general skills and responsibilities of this highly sought-after tech position, which is closely related to and often overlaps the role of software developer. 
  • What Is a DevOps Engineer? — We outline the crucial role DevOps engineers play in cloud computing, security, site reliability, and more.
  • What Is an Open Source Community Manager? — A community manager can fill many different roles for an open source community. We look at the general responsibilities and skills related to this key position.
  • What’s an Open Source Software Maintainer? — The role of open source software maintainer is critical to ensure the long-term usability, security, and reliability of open source software. We look at what that role involves and provide resources to learn more.

Let us know what other tech careers you’d like to learn about.

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