Building an Open Company Culture

As organizations balance remote and hybrid work models and employees navigate shifting priorities, company culture is changing as well. “Company culture is often spoken about when it comes to finding the ideal employer. But it’s also a very difficult concept to quantify,” says Jenny Darmody in a recent article at SiliconRepublic.

Darmody speaks with Jan Wildeboer, EMEA evangelist at Red Hat, who notes that “building a solid company culture has become more important than ever before.”  

“Culture is always a work in progress, and in the hyper-competitive market of IT that prioritises speed, responsiveness and innovation above all else, this is especially true. Organisations need to build a culture that’s compatible with contemporary workflows, while also being willing to constantly iterate on that culture to keep on top of economic and technological change,” says Wildeboer.

Additionally, “there has to be give and take between empowering employees and listening to their individual needs and finding a compromise that’s reflective of all opinions and viewpoints,” he says.

“Only a truly open organisation where collaboration flourishes will be successful at maintaining a positive culture and environment,” Wildeboer says,

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