Skill Development Opportunities Spur Job Changes

Despite recent industry layoffs and current economic challenges, demand for tech talent remains high, reports Dice, “with more than 3.8 million tech jobs posted in 2022 so far.” And, many tech professionals are looking to change jobs.

According to the Dice’s 2022 Tech Sentiment Report, “52% of respondents indicated they are likely to switch jobs in the next year (up from 44% last year).”  

According to a recent Amazon survey, however, that percentage is even higher. Jada Jones reports that “around two-thirds of employees said it was "extremely" or "somewhat" likely they'll leave their employer within the next year because there aren't enough opportunities for skills development (64%) or career advancement (66%), or because there's no way for them to transition to a different job or a new career path (65%).”

“Millennial and Gen Z workers are particularly motivated to quit their jobs due to a lack of skills development opportunities, with three-quarters of those surveyed by Amazon planning to do so,” Jones says.

Overall, 89 percent of employees said they were highly motivated to advance their skills in 2023, according to the Amazon survey.

Other Priorities 

The ability to work remotely remains important to tech professionals as well, Dice says, as 60% of respondents “ranked 100% remote work as their most desired workplace setting compared to 53% in 2021.” 

When switching jobs, employees also consider employer reputation and culture. In fact, “nearly 90% of tech professionals feel an employer’s brand is important when considering a new employer, and nearly 8 in 10 said they would not apply for a higher paying job at a company with a bad reputation,” according to the Dice report.

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