Top Tech Jobs and Skills According to Dice 2022 Survey

Demand for tech talent continues to grow, according to the 8th edition of the Dice Tech Job Report, which analyzed 3 million tech job postings between January and June 2022. Here, we’ll share a few statistics from the survey regarding top job titles and skills and cities with hot job growth.

The number of tech job postings has grown 45 percent since the beginning of 2022 and is up 52 percent compared to the first half of 2021. And most recently, tech postings were up 60 percent in June 2022 compared to June 2021.

According to the survey, the following occupations are in highest demand, based on the total volume of job postings (year over year increase from 1H 2021 to 1H 2022): 

Data-related skills are among the most in-demand by employers, Dice says, noting that “SQL, Python (used frequently in data analytics), and AWS enjoyed some of the biggest growth in job postings between January and June.”

Specifically, the most sought-after skills, based on the total volume of job postings (year over year increase) are:

  • Agile methodology (68%)
  • SQL (62%)
  • Troubleshooting/problem-solving (48%)
  • Python (78%)
  • Software engineering (87%)
  • Java (55%)
  • Amazon Web Services (88%)
  • Automation (65%)
  • Software development (73%)
  • JavaScript (62%)

These are the most in-demand skills in terms of job posting growth:

  • Cloud computing (162% growth)
  • TypeScript (142%)
  • Go programming language (131%)
  • R programming language (111%)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (110%)
  • Data engineering (102%)
  • Kubernetes (99%)
  • .NET framework (97%)
  • Full stack development (94%)
  • Power BI (91%)

In terms of location, the following 10 U.S. cities saw the biggest growth in number of tech job postings:

  • Orlando, Florida (111% growth)
  • Miami, Florida (104%)
  • Detroit, Michigan (90%)
  • Irvine, California (89%)
  • Houston, Texas (83%)
  • San Antonio, Texas (80%)
  • Portland, Oregon (76%)
  • Tampa, Florida (71%)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (69%)
  • Charlotte, North Carolina (65%)

Overall, says Dice, the key for job seekers is to keep skills up to date, and for managers to consider training programs to help upskill and retain employees. 

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